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Framing Moments: The Artistry Of Gokhan Goksoy Unveiled

Gokhan Goksoy is an unprecedentedly talented, award-winning photographer and videographer whose lens transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary narratives. With a keen eye for detail and an unparalleled artistic vision, Gokhan has become a trailblazer in the realm of visual arts. 

With a passion for carving an everlasting impression in the world of visual storytelling, Gokhan has come a long way and is now listed among the leading photographers in the UK. His ability to capture the essence of a scene, whether through the click of a camera or the roll of a film, has earned him accolades and admiration in the industry. 

Join us as we delve into the captivating journey of Gokhan Goksoy, exploring the magic behind his lens and the stories that unfold within each frame.

  • Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m Gokhan, aged 34. I have a passionate, ambitious, and determined personality, which I often characterise as having two distinct facets: one during work and another during leisure. In a professional context, I am highly disciplined and intolerant of mistakes, exuding both leadership and authoritative qualities. I adhere strictly to established rules and guidelines.

Conversely, outside of the professional realm, I am a very friendly, easy-going, and social individual known for my sense of humour. I enjoy surrounding myself with creative minds that stimulate my intellect, providing a constant source of inspiration.

In my leisure time, I am an avid traveller, capturing moments through landscape and wildlife photography, showcased in my portfolio @rangeroftheworld. In essence, my DNA is deeply infused with a love for sports, music, and creativity.

– What inspired you to pursue a career in photography/videography, and how did you get started in the industry?

Growing up in Ankara, the capital of Turkey, I discovered my passion for wildlife documentaries. This love, nurtured since childhood, fueled my determination to bring my vision to life as an adult. At the age of 15, my father brought me the first Zenit analogue camera from Russia. Despite lacking knowledge in using the camera, I sought basic guidance from different photography shops and embarked on an experimental journey into photography.

During my high school years, I expanded my creative pursuits by investing in a video camera. As I progressed to university, I harboured a desire to change the course of my chosen field. However, faced with limitations, I not only completed my education with Tourism Management courses but also attended visual communication courses for four years, actively assisting my teachers during this period. It was the time that I purchased my first digital camera in December 2006.

While at university, I discovered a website where amateurs could share their creative content. I improved my skills further in line with the feedback received. Additionally. This unprecedentedly marked the evolution of my journey from a young enthusiast experimenting with analogue cameras to a prolific photographer embracing the digital age.

– What kind of challenges did you have to face?

Navigating a foreign country presented numerous challenges, including language barriers, disparate mindsets, diverse cultures, and distinct business styles—each factor requiring adept navigation.

Expecting a seamless transition into employment upon my move to London, I encountered formidable obstacles that proved to be challenging. Despite these difficulties, my passion remained unwavering. I took on roles as a waiter and promo person and engaged in various jobs to sustain my dream and invest in my photography career. There were days when I worked tirelessly, often surviving on just two hours of sleep, attending numerous events to promote my business despite the language barrier. This period, challenging as it was, proved to be a valuable and character-building experience.

Now, having survived these experiences, I stand as a seasoned professional, well-versed in the nuances of the industry. I have matured both professionally and personally, evolving into an individual who has weathered the challenges of the stage. 

– How do you coordinate with other professionals, such as directors or editors, to achieve a cohesive final product?

Gaining access to editors at prominent magazines can be a challenging endeavour. Personally, I navigate this challenge by showcasing my work on various online photography platforms. It’s through these platforms that editors discover and appreciate my work, often reaching out to initiate contact.

When seeking collaborations with specific magazines, I employ direct communication methods such as email or phone calls. I initiate contact by inquiring whether my portfolio aligns with their stylistic preferences and expressing interest in potential collaboration. In these interactions, I pose questions that help gauge the compatibility of my work with the magazine’s aesthetic and explore possibilities for collaboration.

– What is the most significant lesson you’ve learned throughout your career?

The pivotal lesson learned throughout my journey was the realisation that the paramount importance doesn’t solely rest on excelling at photography or any particular skill. Rather, the crucial insight lies in understanding the significance of building a robust network. Although this understanding came to me perhaps later than ideal, I am grateful for not missing the proverbial train.

– What are your greatest achievements so far?

I founded my Digital Creative Agency in London in 2013, and this was the beginning of a journey that would lead to significant success.

2014 brought international recognition as I was honoured with the title “Photographers to Watch 2014”. This prestigious award came from a leading US fashion magazine, which chose me among six photographers from around the world.

My involvement in the groundbreaking Diversity Model projects in 2014 was a major turning point in the fashion world, pioneering inclusivity where everyone could aspire to be a model. To this day, London continues to embrace a fashion approach that champions diversity.

Between 2012 and 2023, my works appeared on the pages of famous magazines and newspapers such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, New York Times, BBC and The Sun. Simultaneously, I had the privilege of contributing to the campaigns and projects of leading brands such as Burger King, Nike, Hilton Hotel, Fashion TV and Easy Group.

Upon my initial arrival in London, I aspired to pursue a master’s degree at the University of Arts of London—an esteemed institution that held a special place in my dreams. Regrettably, due to financial constraints and other factors, enrolling in the program proved unattainable at that time. However, I am delighted to share that this year, I have embarked on a new role as a mentor at the very same university. This opportunity fills me with immense pride, representing a significant achievement in my journey.

– What are your future plans?

With a deep awareness of industry trends, my goal is to move forward by uniting various industries under the overarching umbrella of photography and video. I am currently involved in the development of five new initiatives, each representing a different project. This year looks set to be a flare-up of activity as I dedicate my focus to these initiatives. My efforts are currently focused on shaping the branding strategies for each and ensuring they align seamlessly with their unique identities.

– What advice would you give to aspiring photographers/videographers looking to make a mark in the industry?

Continuously strive for personal development; you are not merely an industrial enthusiast but a cultural catalyst. Prioritise your physical and mental well-being. Rapidly discern the merits and drawbacks of both team and individual work, choosing the most effective approach for different projects.

Conduct extensive research, stay attuned to trends, and foster a robust professional network. If social media is not your forte, consider its potential impact, but stay true to your authentic self.

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