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Sam Garrett

Sam Garret, a talented musician known for his soul-stirring melodies and thought-provoking lyrics, joins us to share his insights and experiences. With a unique ability to capture the intricacies of human emotions and the universal themes that connect us all, Sam’s musical journey has touched hearts around the world. Join us as we delve into his inspirations, creative process, and the stories behind the melodies that have become anthems of introspection and connection. Without further ado, let’s explore the world of music and emotion with the one and only Sam Garre

Who infected you with the love of music? How did your adventure begin?

Honestly, since I was a child, I’ve always been interested in music. Music resides in my heart, within me; it’s like a part of me. So, from when I was a little boy, I would tap my hands on the table or sing, expressing myself. When I was around seven or eight years old, that’s when I began to take an interest in the guitar and started playing it while singing.

I grew up in a family that frequently attended music concerts and watched different bands perform. From a very young age, I was consistently exposed to music. I was raised in a musical family where my parents would always have music playing in the car and at home. I used to watch music videos regularly, and I had my first concert experience at the age of 12. I played punk music in a punk rock band. During my youth, I played in various bands.

As my spiritual awareness and consciousness started to develop, I gradually drifted away from the realm of rock and roll. I traded my electric guitar for an acoustic one and then decided to write my own songs. This endeavor resulted in my first CD, my inaugural EP, titled “Be Easy.” These songs are deeply influenced by nature due to my upbringing in the countryside, which inspired me significantly.

Subsequently, I delved deeper into spirituality, and music naturally evolved into an expression of my journey.

Where do you get your inspiration to create?

My inspiration comes from various sources, but whenever I’m asked, I always point to life itself. Life is incredibly fascinating, and I’ve always been captivated by the question of why I’m here, how I arrived, and what it all signifies. Gazing at the stars during the night, I would ponder the meaning of it all. Even though many people around me didn’t share this perspective or discuss it openly, I always sensed a mystical dimension to life. I didn’t quite resonate with or relate to the cultural norms where I lived.

I’ve always had the sense that there’s something beyond the surface, something magical within life. My inspiration stems from the fact that I’m alive, and that sensation remains as

remarkable as ever. However, as time went on, I travelled to India and Jamaica, immersing myself in different cultures. It was during these experiences that I truly felt the spirit of being alive, and it profoundly touched my heart. It was during this phase that I began singing Montrose reggae music and took a more keen interest in other cultures. This exposure opened up new avenues of inspiration for me.

You were born in England. You lived for a time in Tenerife. Where do you feel your home is? What gives you this feeling?

In my heart. Through the guidance of my spiritual teacher and the influence of other remarkable beings I’ve encountered, I’ve come to understand that wherever you may go, you are essentially home. Home isn’t confined to a physical location; it’s that place where you find the greatest happiness, peace, and contentment. I had an eye-opening experience while working at a cafe. A lady came in and, when I asked her how she was, she replied: “I will be okay when I get home. I’m not okay now, but once I’m home, I can finally relax.” At that moment, I realized that this perspective wasn’t accurate. We often delay our peace by thinking it lies somewhere else. The truth is, you can be at peace wherever you are, and this sensation is within you.

Even when we sit down and discuss these ideas, it’s about an inner feeling. Thus, I don’t have a fixed notion that my home is tied to a physical place. After all, we will all eventually depart from this planet, leaving behind everything. No one can remain here forever. As a result, I don’t perceive my home as being permanently linked to Earth. Instead, there’s a deeper understanding that transcends the physical realm

What is your biggest dream and has it already come true?

I have a strong sense that my life is incredibly complete. What we inherently are is already perfect. Sometimes, however, we find ourselves in pursuit of dreams or aspirations, thinking that achieving them will bring us a sense of fulfillment. Take the example of wanting fame. Personally, I don’t have many dreams in that vein. I believe my life is already perfect in its current state.

What has been the most beautiful experience you have had as an artist?

I find beauty in the entirety of the journey. Every experience, no matter how small, plays a role in shaping our journey through life. It’s difficult for me to respond to questions like this because, typically, people tend to identify a specific moment. However, for me, it’s more about embracing the entire journey. Every aspect, whether positive or negative, contributes to our growth and our understanding of our path.

What does your music bring into the lives of your audience?

Music serves as medicine; it possesses the power to heal. It acts as the key that unites us into a single family. When I share my music through playing, language, skin color, beliefs, and origins become insignificant. What truly matters is our shared humanity; we are, at our core, a unified family.

Many individuals have become divided due to societal norms and conditioning. This separation has led to internal anxiety. Depression, fear, confusion — these emotions plague many due to the disconnection they feel. The feedback I receive from people who listen to my music highlights that they find peace, joy, and freedom in its melodies. In a world where so many are lost and struggling to find direction, music acts as a reminder of our innate sense of belonging. Rediscovering that sense of peace, love, and harmony that we’ve forgotten is essential.

Numerous people attempt to locate these qualities through fame, wealth, material possessions, or status. They mistakenly believe that securing a specific job or gaining popularity will lead to genuine happiness. However, this happiness is often short-lived, leading to a perpetual cycle of pursuing the next source of fulfillment. Life can become a stressful and exhausting journey.

When an individual reaches a point of readiness to embrace a different perspective, to truly listen to the messages that music conveys, a profound internal healing can occur. Music has the potential to facilitate this process, offering a deeper healing experience for those who are open to its messages.

Where do you find relief in heavy moments?

Currently, I don’t find myself encountering such moments. However, in the past, I went through a lot of painful experiences that ultimately led me to where I am now. I endured significant suffering, confusion, and doubts. While many individuals strive to evade challenging situations, I’ve come to appreciate those difficult experiences. They have played a pivotal role in shaping my identity, making me more authentic and less fearful. Nowadays, I no longer experience those overwhelming moments, and I have come to view life as a true blessing and a precious gift.

What is your advice to lost people still searching for their path?

My advice would simply be to remain open to life. Embracing an open mindset fosters humility and prevents you from closing yourself off. By staying receptive to life, you’ll naturally encounter more joy that resides within you. There’s no need to search for happiness externally because everything outside of us is fleeting and bound by time.

Where and when can we listen to you live in UK?

I’ll be present in August for the Medicine Festival and also in October in London. Specifically, on October 18th, I will be performing a concert at St. James’s Church.

IG: @samgarrettmusic

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