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Striking The Chords Of Brilliance WithThe Musical Maven Aura B

In the vibrant tapestry of the UK music scene, one name that resonates with passion and brilliance is the singing sensation Aura B. A true singing sensation and gifted songwriter, Aura B effortlessly weaves melodies that transcend boundaries and capture the essence of the human experience. With a soulful voice and a golden heart, she has become a beacon of musical innovation, delighting audiences with each note. 

In this exclusive journey into the world of Aura B, we delve into the roots of her creativity, the stories behind her songs, and the magnetic charm that sets her apart as a true star in contemporary music. Get ready to be immersed in the enchanting melodies and insightful narratives that define the extraordinary talent of Aura B.

  • Tell us a bit about yourself. 

Hello guys. As you all know, my name is Aura B, a Latin blood-born singer who likes to touch the chords of hearts and give hope with my music and lyrics. I want to let you all know that you are not alone in this big show of life as I also had bad memories and sad stories that I want to move on from, and writing music is my way to do it, to say it out loud.

  •  Music was always on the cards for you, or you had some other plans? 

Yes, music was always on the cards. I started music at a young age, at 5 yr old, when I started playing piano. At that time, I didn’t know that I would become a vocal singer and thought of being a piano teacher after school. But, by the age of 13, I started studying canto-classics. Since then, I’ve been singing my heart out. I put all my stories and memories into my songs and show people that we have similar stories and we have to forget and move on.

  • What inspired you to pursue a music career, and how did it all happen?

Since I was a child, I loved being on the stage, to have my public, and to entertain. I had a few inspiring singing sensations in mind that I followed, like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Beyonce. Growing up, I wanted to have my music, and by the age of 14, I started writing it. In time, I wrote many songs for myself and also for other artists. I come from a family where everyone is associated with music. From my mom’s side, many of my uncles and aunts are well-known musicians, while my father and grandpa were piano players. Music is also my therapy. Whenever I’m going through a rough time or having a happy moment, I write down everything.

 Can you share some of the early struggles you faced in your musical journey and how you overcame them? 

I have faced numerous struggles in my musical career and still have rough days till now. I am very ambitious, and I want to be the best version of myself. So, I don’t give up and don’t back down. I have lost a lot in my life, but have also won. You know that when you lose, you’re not losing, you’re winning experience, and this is a good lesson of how to overcome in life. God is Great, and He’s our support. This is how He empowers us to be the best version of ourselves. 

Like everybody else, I had my demons that I had to overcome, and I am not sure that I completely did it. I was physically abused and beaten from a young age by my father. I have seen so many scenes between my parents. My mother was beaten in front of me, and I am not sure I overcame it. At school, I was an example for many being an FB student, but at home, I was terrified and felt so small that I couldn’t change everything. I was powerless, hopeless. I visited many psychologists to get over this, and now I can say I am my own doctor. Or should I say, music is my doctor as it cures me, heals me, and gives me a reason to live by healing people’s hearts and giving them hope.ans, while my father and grandpa were piano players. Music is also my therapy. Whenever I’m going through a rough time or having a happy moment, I write down everything.

  •  Your song lyrics often reflect deep emotions. How do you draw inspiration for your writings? 

Like I said, I write down my life like I am writing in a journal and put it in my music. Sometimes, I cannot speak out loud and need to make myself heard. That’s why my songs have deep emotions. As an artist, my private life is a roller coaster ride with ups and downs most of the time. I feel things differently, maybe even ten times more than other people, but I got used to it in time. Being an artist is not easy as I have to be a great example for people, so I have to hide my struggles, and this is not as easy as it seems. I have moments when I say: “This is too much”, or “I cannot do this anymore”. But, I shut down these feelings on the stage to be an example to follow. 

  • Of all the hits you’ve sung, which one is your favourite? 

I have sung many hits by other artists, such as “Halo”, “listen”, “I Will Always Love You”, “I Have Nothing”, and many more. But, my favourite one is my song “Daca te-as Pierde”. 

  •  Singing or Songwriting, which one is the most challenging, and how do you balance these two aspects of your craft? 

Good question. I guess the most challenging one is songwriting. You have to be relaxed and focused on what kind of song you want to write, and this is the part when the emotions don’t match with the genre of the song you want to write. That’s why you cannot call the inspiration when you want. Songwriting for me means a lot as the final project is like my baby and my creation that stays here forever.

  •  Social media has become a powerful tool for artists. How do you navigate the online world while maintaining a connection with your fans? 

I love to be in contact with my fans. I like to share with them all of the moments, whether good or bad. I am not only an artist, I am a person like all of you. I always keep my fans updated with what I do, where I go, and even my emotions. I show them when I’m sad or happy, it’s the same with my music. My asset is that I am natural, I don’t fake anything, I speak what I feel, and act the same. 

  • Can you share a memorable moment from your career that has left a lasting impression on you?

Yeah, this is a good one. Happened not long ago during a concert in Romania when in the middle of the show the power energy went off, which was awful and funny at the same time. I didn’t know when the power would be on, and the public was waiting for me to do something. How could I do something? Yeah, this was so strange. 

  •  Throughout your career, you’ve achieved great success. What is your most significant achievement, and how did it impact your artistic journey? 

An answer to this is God. I am here because of you. You put me where I am now. My success is on you. I only expressed my feelings in my music, but my success is because of you and I thank you again for your support. 

  •  Beyond your artistic endeavours, are there any other personal projects that hold special meaning for you, and how do they align with your values as an artist? 

Being an artist helped me to help others. I can be a teacher for those who want to sing or to write music. I also had other projects besides my musical career, but you need focus for every one of them to succeed. So, you need to choose which one needs more attention. I had help in all of them to get to an end.

  •  Collaborations often bring out unique musical dynamics. Are there any artists you dream of collaborating with in future?

I love to do feats with artists, and being a Latin singer, Karol G is on top of my list, besides Natti Natasha, Becky G, Rosalia, and Anitta.

  •  What advice would you give the aspiring singers and songwriters trying to make a mark in the music world?

My advice is to never give up on your dreams and goals. Follow your dream because dreams can come true.

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