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The Magical Colors Of Beauty – Passion And Passion With Miami Girl – Ela Pruszynska

Ela Pruszynska is the proud owner of successful brands named Kaftans by Ela and The Powder
Beauty Room, she knows her art to the fullest.
With an alluring personality, a charming smile, and immeasurable strength, Ela leaps on the
stairs of success as an entrepreneur, an artist, and a homemaker. Her reality TV show Zony
Wives Of Miami is a huge success on the silver screen.
Ela Pruszynska, who started her journey of success in Poland, had come a long way in her
career with sheer dedication, consistency, and a passion for conquering the business world with
her exceptional knowledge and commendable experience.
In a candid interview with the Leaders Magazine, Ela sheds light on her work, life, passions,
dreams, and plans.

● Tell us a bit about yourself.
I consciously live a passionate life. Every waking moment is intentional. I am a mother of three
fast-growing children, a global media personality, a philanthropist, and a businesswoman. I work
very hard to ensure all of my expectations are met, as I know the influence I have comes with a
lot of responsibilities.
My first business venture is Kaftans by Ela, launched in 2018. It’s a resort line for women
inspired by world travel, sophisticated colors, and elegance. My newest venture, The Powder
Room Beauty Group, specializes in the art of prettification, all set to open its doors in Miami in
April 2023. I also star on Żony Wives of Miami, a reality TV show produced by TVN, the leading

media broadcaster and content producer in Poland, and have made various appearances on
Peacock | Bravo’s Real Housewives of Miami and Bling Empire by Netflix.
I am Polish, formerly married to a Mexican, and later a Brazilian. I once fell for a Moroccan. I
firmly believe love requires a facility with languages and cultures, and the magic happened,
giving me an eternally beautiful relationship.
On a business level, I have done my MBA from The American Graduate School of International
Management Thunderbird and have been fortunate to live in over ten cities across three
Apart from this, I love fashion and try my best to attend fashion shows around the globe. I am a
frequent guest of philanthropic events throughout the world. Jetting transcontinentally in social
and business circles has inspired me to design homes in over eight cities and three continents. I
am happy to call Miami my home.
Here, I run or box every morning and wholly believe in seizing the day just before sunrise, which
includes giving thanks with a clear mind and focus.
● Did you always want to have your own business? Or had some other plans?
Nothing is planned in my life, as I believe life is unpredictable. Planning anything seems quite
unfruitful. I never planned to be an entrepreneur. I go with my gut and execute. Ideas are a dime
a dozen, and execution is the key. Therefore, I prefer to go with the flow.
● How did you start your career journey as an Entrepreneur?
I believe startups are ignited and established with skill building and ideas born by reading,
traveling, living, observing, and analyzing. Do enough of that and watch the fire start. I started
my first company in entertainment branding with a friend over a dinner party in 1998. The next
day we gave our two-week notice to our companies and Bam! We forged $2m deal projects in
our first three months of startup. Once I get sold on an idea, I just go fast and execute.
● How many businesses do you have under your name? What services do you
Today I have a portfolio of three businesses under my name. First is Ela Kaftans, a resort-wear
clothing line. Second is Ela Beauty which comes under The Powder Room Beauty Group,
offering quick and incredible beauty services, along with retail products.
My third and newest project is The Powder Room. The Powder Room is Miami’s exquisite,
transportive beauty lounge, specializing in the goals of ultra-pretty, feminine indulgences.
Specialty services are trifecta, including pretty hair, pretty nails, and pretty lashes. These are my
brand’s trio of magnificence. My mission is to unfragmented a fragmented beauty service
industry specializing in fast, fulfilling beauty.

● As an active socialite and a businesswoman, how challenging is it to juggle
It’s all about prioritizing, which includes saying NO, politely. Of course, I multitask. I start my
days early and ensure catching up on good quality sleep to lead my day as a boss. To sum it
up, I do not take anything as a burden and try to bring out the best version of myself.
● Your reality show Zony of Miami is a huge success. How was your experience
working on a reality show?
Working on Zony Wives of Miami felt supernatural to me. There is one adjective that comes to
mind whenever I’m questioned about Miami – it is timeless. I, too, feel the same. I loved every
magical moment captured on the show — from being a homemaker mom and my super fail
double dates to always reverting to champagne time. I am living proof of the American Dream,
and it resonates well throughout the show.
● What is this show about?
Żony Wives of Miami follow five of the most connected and influential Polish women living in
Miami as they evolve their own American dreams. We take viewers on a tour of our worlds:
success, luxury, and women working hard.

● In your opinion, what factors are utterly crucial for a successful business?
Ask yourself while looking in the mirror, ‘Am I happy with myself ?’ If you can answer yes, that is
what I call success. On the days when it’s not as right as I’d like to feel, I adjust my crown,
improve and carry on. Remember, 80% of success is in psychology. 20% is mechanics. These
are some of my philosophies of life.
Character traits that I consistently aim to evolve describe my daily practice:

  1. Grace, Be Grateful- I thank God every day for the gift of life. I am grateful that I could see,
    smell, touch, and feel. These are the biggest gifts in life.
    2- Implement Discipline & Ritual- Rituals are equivalent to results. Therefore, discipline your
    mind and your emotions.
  2. Sleep 7-9 hours every night. Your body is a machine. It needs to rest and replenish.
  3. Control Reactions – I cannot control the world around me. But I do control how I deal with the
    world around me. Life is 1% what happens and 99% how you respond.
  4. Hustle – Keep up the momentum and keep going. You only need one YES, and you will
    achieve your goal.

● Where do entrepreneurs go wrong when setting up their businesses?
The biggest mistake is to surround yourself with dabblers. Most people in the world are
dabblers. They try something for a while. If It doesn’t work out then they try something else.
Dabblers are the type of people you should keep off your team or get rid of quickly; they will end
up quitting anyway.
● What are the struggles you had to face in your career?
Most of the struggles I had to face were related to self-doubt. Am I good enough? What if I fail?
Our egos are so sensitive that they often create hurdles in our way toward success.
● What are your greatest achievements so far?
One of my greatest achievements is looking at myself in the mirror and being satisfied with who
I see. There is a French proverb that I love to refer to as “There is no pillow so soft as a clear
● Describe your most memorable experience so far.
My first memorable experience was looking into the eyes of Baby. There were three times when
I got a chance to create a bond with the babies. Each experience was different, but the emotion
was profound.
One of the unforgettable and unexpected trips of my life was The Ashford Castle in Ireland. It
was spectacularly exclusive as I traveled alone. I was in Ireland for a wedding and
spontaneously decided to check out this property. You find out a lot about yourself when you
travel alone.
Ashford Castle is a medieval and Victorian castle that has been expanded over the centuries
and turned into a five-star luxury hotel. I felt like I was a true Queen and felt as if it was my
castle. I fell in love with it. I learned clay pigeon shooting and falconry. It was truly a series of
personal milestones.
● What are your future plans? Where do you see yourself in the coming years?
My future plans are driven by only the things I can control, living passionately, always reaching
for a meaningful life and celebrating life every day. I want to laugh more, travel more, and learn
more. We have global expansion plans forThe Powder Room Beauty, including a retail portfolio.
I am also in discussions with several media conglomerates and possibly a new season of Zony

● Any message that you want to give the young entrepreneurs and artists
struggling to make a place in this industry?
My message is to work hard and believe in yourself. Always remember that your worst
nightmare could be someone else’s greatest dream: be kind, don’t gate-keep, help others.
There is enough for everyone. The events in our lives do not control our lives. Show up each
day with new energy to conquer the world with dedication and consistency.

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